Waterline Marine Standards

A good marine surveyor has experience, integrity, an eye for detail and the ability to convey his findings in a clearly written Survey Report.

Code of Conduct

marine boat surveyor phuket thailandAn Independent Marine Surveyor is a qualified surveyor who is not an employee of a Classification Society or Insurance Company.

An Independent Marine Surveyor works solely on behalf of his Client, the person or company that hired his services, and reports only to this Client.

An Independent Marine Surveyor takes payment only from his Client and does not take commissions from yacht brokers, boatyards or repair companies.

Conflict of Interest

finding boatyard or boat repair company in Thailand

At Waterline Marine we are happy to assist our Clients with finding the right boatyard or boat repair company on a case-by-case basis but this website does not contain links or directories advertising marinas, shipwrights or other contractors.

Survey Standards

yacht boat standards surveyor phuket thailandWaterline Marine surveys to the standards appropriate to the vessel under survey.

A small sailing yacht used for private day-sails in coastal waters is surveyed to different standards than a large motor vessel taking commercial passengers on international voyages.

The correct survey standards or applicable Code is determined by:

  • Vessel type, Length Overall & Tonnage
  • Flag / Country of Registration
  • Intended Purpose: Private or Commercial
  • Area of Operation / Distance from Safe Haven
  • Payload / Number of persons on board

Examples of Standards or Codes that we use are:

  • EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)
  • American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards.
  • MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code (MGN-280).
  • Australia (AMSA) National Standards for Commercial Vessels
  • MCA Large Yacht Code (LY3)

Or the appropriate Code as set forth by the country in which a yacht is registered.

It is the marine surveyor’s job to keep abreast of all these regulations and apply the correct standards to the vessel under survey.

The Survey Report

boat survey report thailandA Survey Report is a confidential document written exclusively for the surveyor’s client. It describes in detail the condition of the vessel and her systems at the time of survey.

Survey Report writing styles differ from the “narrative” to the “checkbox” type. Waterline Marine’s reporting style is somewhere between these two extremes.

Our Survey Reports aim to convey all relevant detail in a format that is easy to read and navigate through. We include many photographs to help clarify our findings.

Our Survey Reports include a Summary of Deficiencies that recaps all defects found together with recommendations for repairs. This Summary can be used as a refit checklist or as the basis of negotiations with a vendor.