Waterline Marine offers expert advice and technical guidance for yacht owners, captains and fleet managers as well as for newcomers planning to start a marine business. In Thailand this work gets an extra dimension because of the language barrier and cultural differences. Our 40 years of local business ownership have taught us how to get things done in Thailand. On time and within budget.


thailand yacht construction consultingBoat building consulting & project management

If you plan to build a boat in Thailand it is best to get us involved from the start. From inception to launch, we assist you with all aspects of the construction project.

We advise on design standards, vessel lay-out (General Arrangement) and help to write the General Specifications.

Next, we assist with finding the right architect, boatyard and builder. We source building materials, expert craftsmen and technicians.

Most importantly we conduct continuous quality control inspections and make sure the agreed construction timeline is adhered to. No delays; no cost overruns.


Safety Management, Logistics, Quality Control

Operating a fleet of commercial yachts is challenging, especially if the fleet is spread out over several locations. We know; we’ve done it for many years. With our experience we can advise you on how to make your fleet operations smoother and more profitable.

We start with analyzing your existing operation. We look at all aspects of your operation: logistics, chain of command, scheduling, maintenance, safety, crewing, marketing & accounting.

Once we have a clear picture of your operation’s strengths and weaknesses we submit a report with recommendations for improvements. And we stick around to help you implement any changes.


corporate consultingOwning a successful marine business in Thailand

Planning to start a yacht charter company or other marine business in Thailand? Talk to us before you make any commitments. We have more than 35 years of experience in operating marine businesses in Thailand.

One of the most common mistakes we see is foreigners buying a yacht first and setting up a legal company after. Wrong. The correct way is to set up a local company first and have all shareholders pay for their shares into the company bank account. This new company then buys the yacht and it becomes an asset of the new company. Now the yacht can charter legally in Thai waters.

This is just one example of how, with our advice, your new marine business in Thailand can be up and running in no time at all.


imo international maritime organization

Guidance towards international certification

If you operate a Large Yacht in commercial service and plan to make international voyages you should consider obtaining international certification for your vessel and crew.

Having the right certificates makes port clearance procedures go much smoother and the prestige of having an IMO number makes marketing more effective.

We have hands-on experience in obtaining IMO certification for Large Yachts under 500GRT and we can guide you towards the following certificates:

  • IMO number (Lloyds Register)
  • Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
  • International Ship Security Certificate (ISPS)
  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (SOLAS)
  • Tonnage Certificate (ICTMS1969)
  • International Loadline Certificate (ICLL1969)
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (SOLAS)
  • Document of Compliance (SOLAS)