jeroen deknatel boat surveyorHi, my name is Jeroen Deknatel, marine surveyor and owner of Waterline Marine Ltd. I’ve been around boats my entire life.

I grew up in Holland and, like many of my fellow countrymen, learned sailing at a young age.

Taking leave from my job at an Amsterdam film studio to explore S.E. Asia, I arrived in Phuket in 1978 and never really left.

In 1979 I started Fantasea Divers, one of Thailand’s pioneering scuba diving companies. Rather than renting local tour boats I made a point of owning and operating my own dive boats.

As 30 years went by these dive boats became bigger, better and safer. The photos on this page tell the story.

15 waterline marine boat surveyors thailand
14 waterline marine boat surveyors thailand

In 1999 I built Ocean Rover, a 30-meter 280-ton expedition style luxury live-aboard that was -at the time- the largest steel vessel ever built in Phuket and the only Thai flagged vessel in her size listed with complete IMO certification including an International Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.

Ocean Rover logged over 100,000 nautical miles in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Andaman Islands before relocating to Rajah Amphat, Indonesia under new ownership.

Building and operating Ocean Rover to the highest international standards inspired me to seek accreditation as a marine surveyor and start Waterline Marine.

I chose Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and received a Diploma (Merit) in Marine Surveying specializing in pleasure craft, both power and sail. Since then I’ve surveyed over 700 vessels of all types and size.

My mission is to provide high quality surveying and consulting services with an emphasis on safety and integrity.