Waterline Marine is based in Phuket, Thailand.

We also offer survey- and consulting services in Bangkok and Pattaya as well as in Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.



Never buy a used boat without a survey!

No matter how experienced a sailor you are or how many boats you have owned previously, purchasing a used yacht without the services of a professional marine surveyor is asking for trouble.

A Pre Purchase Survey is the most detailed type of survey we offer. It is a comprehensive inspection of the entire vessel and all her systems and takes 2-3 days to complete depending on tides and other logistics.

Pre Purchase surveys are done in three stages:

  1. Haul-out and exterior hull inspection including props, shafts and rudders.
  2. On-board and systems inspection while the vessel is berthed in a marina.
  3. Sea trial to test the engines, steering & systems in real-life conditions.

The resulting Survey Report is a detailed account of the condition of the vessel and all her systems as found at the time of survey. The Report can be used for marine insurance applications so there’s no need to have an additional Insurance Survey.

Pre Purchase Surveys often pay for themselves because in many cases the surveyor discovers defects that allow you to negotiate a lower purchase price.


yacht pre purchase opinionFeedback before you start traveling

Found a yacht for sale in Thailand but not willing to fly long distance just to have a look? The Pre Purchase Opinion (a.k.a. General Condition Assessment) is a fast and cost-effective way of getting a professional opinion on the overall condition of a far-away yacht; the kind of feedback you need before you commit to a full survey.

The Pre Purchase Opinion consists of a slow walk-through of the entire yacht, including machinery spaces, allowing the surveyor to form an opinion about the state of affairs aboard the vessel. This Opinion is then conveyed to the client by email or phone.

Please be aware that a Pre Purchase Opinion is not as detailed as a full survey and does not include a written Survey Report.


boat construction surveys phuket thailandQuality control from concept to launch

Boat building is fraught with delays and cost overruns and there are many unhappy new-boat owners that simply did not get the yacht they paid for. If you are having a new yacht built you want to make certain the yard is building it to the standards and specifications that were agreed to in the contract.

The best way to ensure this is to appoint a marine surveyor as your official representative.

We offer a complete yacht construction survey package that consist of three parts:

1- Before construction:

Consultations regarding the General Specifications, construction standards, build contract, construction timeline and payment schedule.

2- During construction:

Regular visits to the shipyard with an email report after each inspection. Besides quality control, we also keep track of the construction timeline, making sure the client’s payments to the shipyard are in line with the actual State of Completion as specified in the build contract.

3- After construction:

Commissioning the yacht and testing all the systems in real-life conditions followed by extensive sea trials until everything works as advertised. Lastly, we submit a full and final Survey Report which can also be used for marine insurance applications.


New Yacht SurveysDelivery of a brand-new vessel

The handover of a new yacht to her first owner is usually a joyous affair but in all the excitement important details are often overlooked. The proud new boat owner signs off on the yacht and later discovers that certain systems were not properly commissioned.

If you are expecting delivery of a new yacht we recommend that you assign us to make a thorough inspection of the new vessel just prior to the delivery date and also be present during the actual handover.

We will handle all the last-minute technical details allowing you to enjoy the occasion in full.